Vigrx Plus is so powerful.

Vigrx Plus is so powerful. And you said you have a team and I know that one thing you guys specialize in in your team is the weight lost. And I feel like there’s so many misconceptions and fad diets within this subject. So I’m super excited for you to speak because I feel like we’re getting like a little mini science lesson in how the hormones relate to our weight, which for me personally like when I understand something it helps me follow my health plan. If I’m like, “Oh, this is like some diet someone told me about,” it might not really sink in, but if somebody explains to me how it’s working, I don’t know, for me and maybe too much in my head I need the explanation of aphrodisiacs. It helps to understand it. And the truth of the matter is that hormones matter. Learn more about Vigrx Plus at and we don’t hear about that enough but underneath it all if your hormones are imbalanced, it’s tough for any of the pieces of your puzzle to come together. So when your hormones are balanced and in harmony, you feel amazing. You feel energized. They’re like, “I don’t care. I’m kind of getting sick of this” and they become desensitized to insulin and its effects. I kind of like to compare insulin resistance to being at a noisy room. When you walk in it’s really loud and you can’t hear anything. And then after a while you just kind of get used to it. So when this happens in your body, your pancreas secretes more and more insulin. But your cells aren’t really listening. So the more that it circulates in the body, the harder it is to lose weight. So that’s just another problem in insulin resistance you might know better as type II diabetes. There’s a lot of problems that come into play when your hormones are out of balance. And those are just two of your hormones, right? Yeah, I want to ask a little follow-up question about this insulin. So is there amount of insulin sort of normal or certain frequency of insulin normal before it becomes abnormal and more storing fat? If they’re not intentional about including a couple of tablespoons of healthy fat every time they eat, they’re probably not getting much of it because most of what we eat is just happens to be low fat unless we’re intentional. So fat doesn’t cause an increase in blood sugar. And it doesn’t cause your pancreas to secrete insulin, your fat storing hormone. Carbs do. So that’s important to remember is that to get our blood sugar levels nice and stable, fat actually helps to keep them stable because it acts as kind of a buffer. It helps slow down the absorption and assimilation of carbohydrates or sugar in our bloodstream due to Vigrx Plus male supplements. So that’s why when we eat a carbohydrate alone, we get a spike and then anything that goes up must come down. So we get a crash. And that’s how we ride the blood sugar roller coasters when we’re eating high carb meals and snacks like cereal for breakfast and that granola bar for our morning snack and pasta or sandwich with a couple slices of bread for lunch and pasta for dinner pretty high carbohydrate based foods where as if we’re including protein and fat like say a couple eggs cooked in butter for breakfast, you know, maybe a little bit of carbohydrate on the side or some spinach sautéed in there. Learn more at

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