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Importance of Vision for a Custom Home Project ?>

Importance of Vision for a Custom Home Project


If you are starting with the construction of a custom luxury home with a builder, you need to know process from the start to the end. Having a vision or a plan for your custom home is extremely important. You should have a proper idea of how each room in your house should look like. You should not hesitate to hire a designer and an architect to help you design and plan your custom home. If you are someone who is not good at making decisions quickly, then you definitely need to hire professionals who are good at it. Of course, you need to have a budget for them. To be very honest, building a custom home is a cost intensive process. You need to have adequate budget for that.

You need to have a creative person by your side to help you with your project especially during the design phase of the project. If you are hire a building company like Merlin Custom Home Builders, they would come with a whole team of experienced professionals including the designer and the architect.


Loan for Building a New Custom Home ?>

Loan for Building a New Custom Home


Getting loan for a new custom luxury home is not the same as getting loan for buying a home which has already been built. It is not a single all-inclusive loan which is sufficient for a custom home. You need to get three separate loans. You need to get property loan, construction loan and a mortgage loan.

Finding the right loan program can be a long and time consuming process. You should look beyond banks for finance. You can also seek loans from private financial institutions as well. You might have to discuss with the managers of the financial institutions or banks to discuss about customized loan options for your new custom luxury home.

While discussing with the managers of the financial institutions, you need to keep in mind that they would be keen on protecting their investments. So, you need to be patient and smart during the discussion. You need to negotiate hard to keep the interest rates down.

You need to make sure that your credit history is clean. Otherwise, your discussion with the managers may not go well.

Importance of a Strong team for a Custom Home Project ?>

Importance of a Strong team for a Custom Home Project

Construction of a custom luxury home requires a strong team. Without a good team, it is very difficult to successfully pull off a custom home project. The discovery phase is probably the most important yet the most underrated phase of a custom home construction project. A good custom home building team does not ignore the discovery phase. Actually, good planning means that 50% of the project is complete. Planning takes place during the discovery phase.

The builder and the architect are a must in a team for building a custom home. Some people don’t hire architects which can be a mistake. An architect adds a lot of value to a custom home building project. An interior designer can be very useful for the project. It is not a bad idea to hire the interior designer during the initial discovery phase itself. Some people hire the interior designer at a much later stage, sometimes after the completion of the construction.However, it is not advisable to ignore an architect and hire only the interior designer apart from the builder. I have seen people doing this and is not recommended.

Difference Between a Custom Home and a Production Home ?>

Difference Between a Custom Home and a Production Home

When you are ready to build a new home, you need to decide on what kind of home to be built. You have two broad choices. One is a production home and the other is a luxury custom home. Each has its own pros and cons.

If you have chosen to go for a production home, it comes with the following benefits. First of all, a production would cost a lot less than a luxury custom home. You do not have to spend a lot of time monitoring the construction of the home. The builder would take care of the whole process from the beginning to the end. But, at the same time, the home would not have all the features and amenities that you might want in your home.
In case of a custom home, you can design the house as you wish. You can have all the amenities and features that you imagined. You have more creative freedom when it comes to a custom home. But, a custom home would typically cost a lot more than a normal production home and it is also time consuming.

Moving from a Rental Apartment to a Custom Home ?>

Moving from a Rental Apartment to a Custom Home

You have lived in a rental apartment for a long time now with your family and you would be looking to move in to your own home. The reason for that can be anything. It is always a good feeling to reside in your own home. Residing in a rental apartment has a lot of inconvenience.

Building a custom home is the best option to take. It may feel like an overwhelming thing to do. But, in the long run, a custom home offers a lot more benefits than a usual spec home.

If you are going for a custom home, it will feel like you are building the home yourself. You will feel involved with the project. You can design the home as you wish and get the features and amenities you always wanted. All you need to do is to identify the right custom home builder and home designer and you are good to go.

People looking for recommendations on custom home builders in Las Vegas can blindly choose Merlin custom home builders as they have a lot of experience in building custom luxury homes and they are known to do a great job.

Building a Unique Custom Home ?>

Building a Unique Custom Home

The idea of a custom home built with just sticks and stones sounds interesting and unique. Such a home is an architect’s delight. An experienced architect would relish such an opportunity. Sandstones and timber are the primary raw materials used for building the custom home.

But, building such a custom home is not so easy. It depends on the availability of the raw materials in the locality. Not all raw materials for construction would be available everywhere. 

The architect can berserk in designing such a unique custom home. He can do a lot of creative stuff while designing the home. But, it doesn’t mean that the builder can easily bring that home into reality. Designing a custom home is one thing. But, building that custom home is another thing altogether. The builder should have lots of experience while handling such a unique project. Without experience, it is impossible to pull off the project. Also, the builder should also be compatible with the architect so as to understand the design properly.

In the city of Las Vegas, Merlin Custom Home Builders is one such experienced building firm who can handle such a unique project.

Building a New Custom Home ?>

Building a New Custom Home

When my husband discussed with me about building a new custom home and moving into the new home, I wasn’t too keen on it. I was quite comfortable in my current rental home. Moreover, even though I liked the idea of moving into a house which we owned, the whole project seemed to be a lot of work. But, after a lot of contemplation, we eventually jumped into the project.

We initially spent a lot of time hunting the land for building the new custom home. Once we found our land, we then had to hire the builder. This hiring process was a lot more stressful than we initially thought. Hiring a custom home builder is not as simple as hiring any other normal builder. My husband interviewed close to 20 different custom home builders in Las Vegas. But, we were not happy with any of them. Ultimately, we accidentally came across a firm called Merlin Custom Home Builders. After discussing with them, we were really confident of the project turning out to be really successful.

Some Tips for Choosing a Custom Home Builder ?>

Some Tips for Choosing a Custom Home Builder

It is important to have a proper plan while starting a custom home development project. It is a bad idea to start such a tricky project with an adhoc plan. The specifications must be well detailed and thorough. A professional architect is a must-have for such a project. A good custom builder is extremely important. If you are looking for a builder in Las Vegas, you can blindly hire a reputed building firm such as Merlin. In other areas, you need to look for the building firm carefully.

While looking for a builder, it is important to look through the portfolio of various builders and compare their works in detail. Once you have a shortlist of custom home builders who can potentially handle your project, you need to interview each one of them. You need to talk to them and understand their way of working. While interviewing the builder, you need to talk about the probable budget of the home you are looking to build. That way you can eliminate all of those unaffordable custom home builders.

A Successful Custom Home Project ?>

A Successful Custom Home Project

In order to complete a custom home project successfully, the planning needs to be comprehensive and advanced. You should be actively involved throughout the progress of the project. There are some vital aspects in a custom home construction project which require your complete participation.

A custom home project takes a longer time to complete. In the initial stages of the project, you need to sit with your home developer, designer and architect in order to brainstorm ideas. The evolution of a custom home project is quite interesting. In order to obtain more ideas, you might want to visit existing custom homes in your locality. Some builders organize custom home tours for prospective clients. You can make use of such services. Of course, you can always do your research online to obtain ideas of different kinds of custom homes.

Buying a land for the construction of the home is a vital step for which you need to involve your architect and the builder as well. You cannot unilaterally decide on the land when it comes to custom home construction.

Custom Home Builder with Knowledge of Latest Trends ?>

Custom Home Builder with Knowledge of Latest Trends

You are supposed to build your custom home in Las vegas with the help of the best custom home builder in the city. The builder should be well versed with the latest trends in custom home decor and design. To be very honest, it is not so easy to find a good custom home builder in Las vegas. Luckily, there are some good builders such as Merlin. The builder should be able to cover you in every phase of the project including the materials, fittings, features etc.

The design of your custom home should be such that you should feel as if you are closer to the nature even if your home is located in a modern concrete city. The outdoor vibes should be as natural as possible with high gardens, trees etc.

The builder should pay a lot of attention to the window walls which play a great role in enhancing the decor of your custom home. The custom home builder should not be scared at all to make use of mixed metals during the construction of the house.