Tips for a Baby Photographer

Hiring a baby photographer will make your baby’s pictures look perfect. You may also click the pictures yourself if you think you have creative skills required. If you are aware of the fundamentals of shooting with babies, you should make every effort at getting the best out of the little ones without much effort.

In this article, we shall share with amateur baby photographers, some tips on shooting baby photographs that will satisfy your creative urges and get you new customers as well.

The first thing that a baby photographer should understand is that babies do not know what posing means and most likely, you might bother them by asking them to smile and pose for the camera. Children have fluctuating attention spans that waver at the slightest distraction. For this reason, a baby photographer should plan and keep a list of settings, props, looks and other ideas, which will help to keep the baby interested in the shoot for a longer time span. If the parent is the photographer, he may keep these things ready so that the baby photographer may get down to work as soon as he walks in, without wasting time on procuring things.

When shooting babies, it is always helpful to plan to make the shoot a success. Good observation is necessary when shooting pictures of babies. Study the child carefully, speak to his parents about his mealtimes, and know which time of the day would be the best for clicking his pictures.

If you have been informed about the time of day that will be ideal for your child to get his picture taken, half your work is done. We all know that every baby is different, so only you can determine the right timing that will work around naps, mealtimes and other routine activities that keep the little one on a happy and healthy schedule.

Before starting the shoot, a considerate baby photographer, more so if he is a parent, will remember to keep all the favourite things of the child handy. For instance, you can stack or carry a few things like a security blanket, some special toys, including soft toys, a pacifier and if possible, the babysitter who looks after your baby. The babysitter should be around as she can help to pacify the child if he gets irritated during the shoot.

The child should ideally be clicked in a familiar surrounding, where he is relaxed and comfortable. This way, he will give the best reactions possible. In fact, smart photographers will incorporate these items in some of the pictures to add to the memory value of the photo.

Baby photographers should be careful about what the baby wears for the shoot. Dress him up in an outfit that you will enjoy looking at even decades later. This adds that timeless aspect to the photo. A child who feels uneasy will not be sit through the shoot calmly; hence, go for clothing that is comfortable, with special regard to the temperature around him.


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