She Loves With Real Pheromones

From the expression on her face, I could tell that she loved it with real pheromones. I number closed the obstacle and even tried getting them to bounce with us but they ended up rejoining their party and leaving the pheromone party.

The night came to a close and I headed back to Celcius to rest up for Day 2 of the 3 – Day Transformation event. As I lay on the cushy couch in the coaches’ office, I reflected on the 360 – degree turn my life had taken and the journey that I was adventuring. My life had been upgraded from average to above and in time to be extraordinary pheromone production.

I awoke the next morning, dove deep into the teachings, and created a collage that was inspired from the night before. As students began shuffling in and filling the room, students around the world tuned in live stream of how pheromones work.

Arash began the lecture with a recap of the human pheromone experience that we had in LA and asked each of us coaches to come up and tell from our personal point of view. It was the perfect opportunity to demonstrate to him that I had been improving my speech and tonality since the last time I had spoken uncomfortably at a 3 – Day event.

I took my seat in front of the audience and everyone watching via live stream. Learn more at and

I spoke slowly and clearly, “Man if I could put into words the feeling that I experienced that weekend, it would have to be, “Cloud 9.” I had the opportunity to watch and learn not only from my mentor but also his mentor, Matador.” I explained to everyone how we had walked throughout the streets of downtown L.A., at lunch, hangout at Matador’s Condo and attending and Arash lecturing at a Venusian Arts boot camp . Then to top it off, how I watched the way Arash generated massive attraction and literally had four hot dancers eating out of the pa lm of his hand. Even how he dismissed the hottest of the hottest while not even knowing and still having more dancers around him. That entire weekend was an experience that would go down in the books for me. Later, Arash brought in one of his girls, and we watched how he explained the process of how he picked her up with real pheromones. That was a very informative and cool session to learn from.

Just don’t embarrass me with cheap pheromones. Here, take my arm,” as he held it out. I walked up and told the obstacle, I felt low because I had become the wing and was not with the somewhat attractive obstacle. When in fact Eugene had earned the target because I dropped the ball and approached incorrectly. I told my self, “Oh well, it is what it is. Make the best of the night and learn in the process of how pheromones work in men and women.” I took the obstacle to meet Jasmine Tame, and the three of us took pictures. Eugene and I moved the girls to the VIP section where Serano and his girl joined us. Learn more about pheromones at

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