Pheromones Situations

I decided to use a “Spells Opener,” which was common at that time. Basically, we were taught to approach a group and ask for the “female opinion” on an issue. The Spells Opener was me telling a story about “my roommate” whose attitude toward his girlfriend had changed overnight. Sud- denly, he seemed madly in love . . . and I suspected it had something to do with this strange, supposedly enchanted scroll I’d found why her pheromones work. Learn more at and

That was the basic gist of the story. Then my job was to get the cute girl to decide if she thought a spell had been cast on my roommate. When done well, the Spells Opener worked. It was better than just walking up and staring at some girl until she noticed your natural pheromones. I had no idea that this brunette and her friends were fun- damentalist Christians, only in Las Vegas for a Jesus convention on pheromone seduction. I had no idea that the mere suggestion of witchcraft or magic would send her spiraling into the stratosphere. I was so into the Spells Opener that I didn’t notice the weird look on her face. It should have been the sign to back off. I didn’t. I couldn’t. I really needed this to work. I decided I was all in. I felt good. I thought I was doing awesomely, and I had no idea how to Calibrate my conversation to an actual situation. I just knew I had to go all the way, so I took off my brand-new scarf and threw it over the pretty girl’s head. Mystery called that move using a “lock in” prop, the idea being that she was wearing something of yours that created investment on her part and she wouldn’t run away with it. Looking back, it’s a weak technique—and it was the last straw for her. She lost it. She totally freaked. And here’s the good news. You’re a woman. You’re the one usually doing all the rejecting. Again, guys are so happy that a woman has started a conversation that they very rarely act like dicks about it. Most guys will be open and friendly, and even if it’s not a love match, it won’t be the brutality I experienced during my first attempt, I promise you. And believe me, the whole bar is not watching you doing your thing. It may feel like everyone knows what you’re about to do, but they don’t. They are way too busy check- ing out their hair in a mirror or ordering drinks or talking to their friends to notice what you’re up to. Finally, remember you can’t get every guy, and even if you could, you’ll discover that most of them wish they had rock star personalities, but really, they’re just boring—even with your help! Plus, some will be married, in relation- ships, or just plain emotionally unavailable in every pos- sible way. Getting blown out can be a big favor to you! You won’t waste another second of your time wondering what might have been or if he was The One—he wasn’t and you can move on. Next! Okay, now that those basics are out of the way, let’s talk about how to initiate an Approach. I’m going to give you four ways to open with a guy and you should feel free to experiment with each of these methods to see which works best for you. Learn more about pheromones at

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