Pheromones are useful for dating

Pheromones are useful and before we get into the specifics of how to supercharge your success with women by understanding how women think, what they react to, and what conscious decisions you can make as an individual to elicit the reactions you want out of women, it’s important to first understand the fundamental differences between attraction and desire. You see, men have a problem – they think that success with women is based on attraction. It’s not. Learn more at and of us men think that women think this way because we are projecting our own biological mechanisms onto them. We are highly visual. Every time we see a beautiful woman, we see an opening. Pheromone Attraction The area of our brain associated with handling tools literally lights up when presented pictures of bikini clad women. Our evolution has made us sight-oriented. We are first sexually attracted by the mere image of a woman. The better she looks, the healthier our brain tells us she is, and the healthier she is, the better offsprings she will produce. It’s not very romantic, but in order for you to truly be successful with women, we have to ditch all the romantic bullshit and the social ideological nonsense about “the one” and instead get down to the nitty gritty realities of how we are hard-wired. Although we will go into more detail about this in ensuing chapters, the raw reality of life is that every decision you make is based off of a series of subconscious biological imperatives and value judgments. You are a product of chemical reactions and millions of years of evolution, and there is nothing you can do about that (unless you want to sit in meditation on a mountain top for the next 30 years then I’m sure you may gain some kind of negligible control over your base instincts). Understanding that you have essentially no control over your animal behavior is the greatest freedom you’re going to experience because once you recognize why it is you think the way you do and why it is you make the decisions you do, it affords you the ability to go outside of yourself as an observer and exercise a certain level of control over how things play out. Because – as a man – your first reaction to seeing a beautiful woman is to fuck her brains out, as likewise, you think that women respond to men similarly. The thinking goes: “If I am attracted to good looks, women must be attracted to good looks as well.” And, in essence, this is true. A man with six-pack abs, a square jaw line, and broad shoulders is obviously attractive to women. Yet, women are more fickle when it comes to attraction than men are. Looks don’t get you very far. Think about it like this. A woman who has a terrible personality and sucks in bed, but is gorgeous – a perfect 10 on the scale – is never going to have to worry about attracting and keeping a boyfriend. Learn more at

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