I handled all the pheromone production

Erasmus paid all of the expenses and provided a monthly stipend to buy more pheromones, so the employer basically got three months of free labour. I asked Tomasz, the RSG guy also living in Chateau Hampstead. He worked as a hairdresser to high class fashion industry clients and was looking to open his own salon with his friend Bogdan. I told them that Dovile and her friend Ugne were looking for any chance to get to London and they’d be willing to help set up the salon in return for official sponsorship. For Tomasz it was like being offered free money so he was very enthusiastic. Learn more about pheromones at http://pheromones-work.weebly.com/home/how-do-pheromones-work .

I handled all the pheromone production until Erasmus gave the girls the all-important confirmation letter. So it was on. The girls would arrive in April and would be using our new brand of pheromone colognes and perfumes.

Ugne added me to her Facebook. I think she just wanted to get to know me and give me a stamp of approval or something before they came out and promoted Pherazone pheromones.

Dovile told me later she’d told Ugne we’d had a little affair but hadn’t had sex pheromones in a while. Ugne and I chatted so I could ease her nerves, but there was no flirting or anything like that. I really dislike men who use provider—type schemes to meet and attract women, such as couchsurfing or offering jobs. I kept as far away from the Erasmus program and salon business as possible, just facilitating the paperwork. It turned my stomach to position myself as a provider Chump trying to weasel into a girl’s panties through cash transfers. I’d already fucked Dovile for free. I wanted her to continue to see me as the Lover.

However, it’s okay to provide a little help to a girl you already fucked for free. It just shows you like her.

I really liked Dovile. She inspired in me the kind of noble feelings I hadn’t had since dating Tasanee and Adele. I looked forward to spending time doing normal relationship things — walking in the park, going out for dinner, sharing a bond of affection as well as a bond of lust. Chateau Hampstead had five spare guest rooms and we commonly had friends visiting for days at a time. I spend two days redecorating one of the large double rooms and outfitting it with new curtains, bed sheets, and wall art. I told the girls they could stay there for two weeks while they house-hunted for better pheromones.

When April finally rolled around they arrived late evening, and I met them at the bus stop outside my house. It was really awkward, much more so than anticipated. I had to be careful mixing lover and provider signals at this point. I didn’t want to feel sleazy by taking away from the purity of the romance by being a sponsor instead of a boyfriend. So although I’d let them stay in the room which was bigger than Dovile’s entire family flat at home, I hoped the two week limit softened the provider signal and made them feel less obligated to me.

They onlystayed about a week until finding another flat down the street. It was really small and they had to share a bed, but her having her own place was less awkward for both of us. Check out pheromones at http://austingosser.bcz.com/2015/09/05/this-type-of-pheromone-behavior

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