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I was going around and I was giving people value, but I still wasn’t really getting anywhere that I wanted. I was able to get to a stage where people would spend time with me on a one—on—one basis, but they wouldn’t introduce me to their wider social circle. I was able to get to a stage where they would meet me for coffee, or drinks one—on—one, but they weren’t inviting me to hangout with their friends and utilize the power of human pheromones. I remember one guy in particular. His name was Luca, I was doing all the right things and giving this guy loads of value. Learn more at and

We would hang out every now and again, but he would go out partying every weekend with beautiful girls and I wouldn’t get invited. He would have bbq’s in his garden and invite all of his friends but I’d never hear about more pheromones. I hadn’t quite become his friend yet. I was a bit more than an acquaintance but it was obvious that I had not reached Introductory Rapport yet. This is when I realized that giving Value isn’t enough. Giving value wasn’t working and the reason is that it was too simplistic of advice. What’s of value to you is not necessarily what’s of value to me, not necessarily of value to Joe Schmo next door. The pheromone alue is too simplistic, so I had to replace it with something called Utility. ”UtiIity is the measure of relative satisfaction from any perceived or given outcome.” You could see he felt honored that someone had been paying attention to something that was important to him and from that moment on he treated me like a KING! He walked me and my friend straight into the VIP, introduced us to a bunch of hot girls there, and then told the bartender not to charge me for anything. I never paid for a drink in that club again, and I never so much as waited in line once for more human pheromones. A question that I love asking is ”So, what’s new in your world. Anything exciting?”. When someone answers and when someone talks, pay attention. Listen out for anything they tell you that seems special to them, and remember it. It could be where they live, where they grew up, what their passions are. Listen, be attentive, care and remember. Start practicing Recognition and you will see an astronomical jump in how many people love being around you and pull you into their social circles of pheromones. When you know someone’s utility, that is the difference between being at one—on—one rapport and introductory pheromone rapport. The only reason someone is going to introduce you to their social circle is if you have demonstrated utility or you provide them with utility. That can be utility based on them or based on their social circle and their social group. That’s the only way you’re going to get access to the hot girls. You need to show utility. Learn more at

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