Accepting Pheromones

Perhaps I’d have come to the same obstacles in a relationship with women from my same pheromone cologne – perhaps it’s more a matter of individual psychology. Surely, whether of a similar or different pheromones, no two people will ever be at the same level of awareness, will never have the same values and interests. Yet, does that mean that a relationship cannot be successful? … How do you define “successful pheromones?” Maybe it’s unrealistic to expect any relationship to be perfect and last forever – perhaps we each are traveling our own paths in life, crossing with others for some time, then having to move on back on our own. No relationship will ever conform to our ideals of what perfect love should be, yet each relationship is full of lessons, giving us the experience to discover more about ourselves, teaching us how to relate harmoniously with others whose values & beliefs differ from our own, whether they be from the same culture or different. Learn more at and

Maybe two people from different cultures can never connect on all levels due to the divergence in awarenesses coming from the varied cultural conditioning & mindsets. Or, maybe sometimes relationships take place in order to teach people to see other perspectives outside of that they’ve grown up with… real pheromones I feel the concepts being discussed here go beyond male-female relationships, and extend beyond cross-cultural interactions. Maybe it comes down to understanding & communication – developing an awareness of the values, beliefs, fears, dreams of another person or group, and being able to connect with them despite your differences in pheromone attraction. Maybe these differences I’ve outlined aren’t entirely cultural, but more an individual matter. Maybe the differences we perceive as cultural are often superficial and a projection of our own judgements – perhaps we choose to see dissimilarities in other pheromone perfumes, even though they may exist in our ourselves, though we are too blinded to perceive them within our own characters. Maybe the things that strike us as different about others really don’t even matter, and they are there to serve to teach – tolerance, acceptance, understanding, flexibility, compassion, communication, etc. Alot of scattered pheromone signals – incomplete, yes; not as structured and flowing as they could be, yes; though, perhaps there’s some interesting food for thought in there that may trigger some valuable insights or begin some engaging conversation… Accept that there is a different pheromone level but do not loose your identity to the culture you accept. In fact this is the way that most people stay the most happy in these worlds. Accepting the other’s culture but keeping one’s identity and evolving it. I have seen people get lost in the Thai way seeing themselves as foreigner but with human pheromones and they got consumed by it and became innately unhappy. Knowing your difference while accepting the standards in Asia is the way that you will get by best. Never try to become them, keep your qualities and become an accepting foreigner, not a foreigner that wants to become a local. The latter one is not respected, the first one is held in high regard. Learn more at

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