A List of Tennessee Roofing Products – Rolled Roofing Varieties

With so many Tennessee roofing products available, it is hard to choose the one that suits your project. To make things easier, here is a list with some of the most commonly met rolled roofing types:

Saturated felt – Used rather as an underlayment material than a roof cover, it is made from asphalt saturated felt. It can also be installed in combination with rolled roofing coated with a mineral layer. Saturated felt is the bottom layer, and mineral coated rolled roofing is installed on top of it.

Smooth finish – Hot asphalt and organic felt are the two ingredients in this rolled roofing material’s composition. On both sides, smooth finish is covered with mica, that reinforces it, enhancing the protection it provides. This variety of rolled roofing is mainly used for covering annex buildings, like barns or sheds. It can also be used as a temporary roof cover, during renovation projects.

Mineral finish – It is the most durable rolled roofing variety and, unlike other products in its category, it can be used as a standalone roof cover. Organic felt or glass fiber is saturated with asphalt and coated with a thick layer of mineral granules. From all the Tennessee roofing products in its category, mineral finish is the most effective when it comes to protecting the building from humidity. Find a roofer in Collierville and stick with them. Have them out periodically for a roof inspection.

Shingles – Besides plastic and rubber, this roof cover incorporates a lot of other materials that can be recycled. Often, the rubber these shingles contain comes from recycled tires, and this is a great advantage, as the metal belt they feature reinforces the roof cover. The manufacturing process consists of heating the materials and molding them under pressure. Rubber plastic shingles mimic cedar shakes, and, thanks to this. they are a great alternative to classic asphalt shingles. This roof cover has a life duration of about 5 decades.

Slates – Perfectly mimicking natural slate, this rubber plastic roofing material comes with a great number of advantages. Firstly, it weighs 3 times less than natural slate, and, thanks to this, it is easy to install and handle. A lighter weight also means reduced installation costs, as the support system does not need reinforcements. Secondly, rubber plastic slates, just like their natural counterparts, are very resistant to fire. Last, but not least, they are friendly with the environment and much cheaper than the Tennessee roofing products they replace.

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