Importance of a Strong team for a Custom Home Project

Construction of a custom luxury home requires a strong team. Without a good team, it is very difficult to successfully pull off a custom home project. The discovery phase is probably the most important yet the most underrated phase of a custom home construction project. A good custom home building team does not ignore the discovery phase. Actually, good planning means that 50% of the project is complete. Planning takes place during the discovery phase.

The builder and the architect are a must in a team for building a custom home. Some people don’t hire architects which can be a mistake. An architect adds a lot of value to a custom home building project. An interior designer can be very useful for the project. It is not a bad idea to hire the interior designer during the initial discovery phase itself. Some people hire the interior designer at a much later stage, sometimes after the completion of the construction.However, it is not advisable to ignore an architect and hire only the interior designer apart from the builder. I have seen people doing this and is not recommended.

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