Why Suicide Resistant Sloped TV Enclosure Are Needed

Why Suicide Resistant Sloped TV Enclosure Are Needed

Other hardware, like media players and game stations are also secured within an enclosure. What is the point of replacing the hardware several times, if it is a modest outlay during the planning/building process. Careful consideration of the other areas of the institution are monitored and liguature-resittant door handles, window furniture, toilets and wash facilities provide a safe environment, so watching television should be an education, way of life and acceptable part of everyday living, but the only way to ensure safety is to install a fully welded steel suicide-resistant TV enclosure.


Positioning the suicide-resistant TV enclosure is easy as a TV bracket can be supplied. Usually an enclosure is fitted flush into a wall with a cut-out for added security, bearing in mind the plastic covers are unable to take the weight of an adult, no matter how light in weight.

However, there is an excellent product on the market for a suicide-resistant TV enclosure; protecting the patient, staff and visitors. A shard of plastic from the cover or glass from the TV screen is a potential weapon and the only sure way of avoiding this is to install a full metal enclosure, with the thickest viewing window known in the industry. All the components of the steel enclosure, like the high security locks, have been rigorously tested, ensuring no interference or vandalism can damage the TV within. Should heating/cooling be required, a thermostatically controlled unit and fan are securely placed within the enclosure – no wiring or parts exposed and even the slots where hot air is released are specifically placed. Screws and fixings are tamper proof, so they too can not be used to self-harm (swallowed).

Don’t be fooled into purchasing a cheap option. There are plastic covers on the internet, but it is false economy; how many TV screens eventually need to be replaced? These inferior units are fragile – they are manufactured from a brittle plastic, which has no strength to withstand the weight of an adult in a self-ligature situation.

There are various sized suicide resistant TV enclosures which offer a flexible option to fit television screens, however they are designed for the CRT, flat screen as the more traditional deep set screens are totally impractical. (Not forgetting a screen is measured on the diagonal – bottom corner, left to top corner ,right).


There are many benefits to a suicide-resistant TV enclosure, such as the specific degree at which the top, bottom and sides slope – careful calculation has been tested to ensure the optimum level of slope, without any detriment to the TV set within. Aesthetics go hand-in-hand with a practicable solution; so even though the screen is highly protected, the picture quality is undisturbed and the steel enclosure looks like a modern piece of furniture and not at all intrusive.

Self harm within institutions is common place, however one way of preventing potential incidents is to install a suicide-resistant sloped TV enclosure. This level of prevention puts other products into an inferior category. You can checkmy review here.

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