you have to stop Vigrx Plus supplements

you have to stop Vigrx Plus supplements

For me, that emotional weight was really heavy and the
depression just got in there. What I learned and why a lot of times I feel…And
this is a bold statement to make … but I really feel like getting a diagnosis
like Hashimoto’s is a true gift because if you want to change it you have to stop
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You have to assess your life. You have to see where all the
imbalances are in your personal life, your emotional life, your relationships,
your family, your work, your nutrition, your fitness. Where are things out of
balance? When you start assessing that and you start doing these things that
really nourish your body and really help you to love yourself all of a sudden
the illness starts to go away. All of a sudden the symptoms are eliminated. The
condition is reversed. I’m a huge advocate of loving yourself and using a lot
of self care to reverse these conditions. I love it. I think we try to make
things so complicated and so many medications and supplements and rules but
you’re starting with this basic thing like self awareness, see the imbalances.
That’s really great. Jen: I’d like to add one thing. Like a mentioned before, I
was type A so when I got the diagnosis I just went right into the research.
Then I wanted to do every suggestion. I wanted to … everything they said I
had to do I did it. I got super overwhelmed. That’s another thing, then you
beat yourself up because you’re not perfect. Through this process what I
learned was less is more and taking care of yourself is the most important
thing. That’s great. I’ve worked in the fertility field for a long time and I
see that too. It’s the chasing for advice and all the advice is conflicting and
then you’re overwhelmed and then you want to stop everything. I think this is a
lot of great wisdom for especially us type A women who uses more supplements.  Learn more at and  

I thought that was fascinating. You also said something,
“From an emotional and energetic perspective thyroid dysfunction is a
communication disorder.” I thought that was so interesting. Tell us more
about those two things. Jen: In terms of the thyroid type, I just started to
see that all these women coming in to see me were almost exactly like me. I
could recognize it. When we started talking we were all living these same
experiences. It was type A, it was perfectionism. It was we like to control
things because nobody can do it better than we can or we don’t want anybody to
do it. We don’t want to ask for help either because we like to control things
or because we believe that would show weakness. Or that we feel uncomfortable
asking for help, because a lot of women who came in …

Tell us how to overcome this. What is this communication
disorder and how do we overcome it? Jen: It’s really interesting. When you look
at ancient medical systems like traditional Chinese medicine or Ayurveda, they
don’t even have words for thyroid dysfunction. There’s no such thing.

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